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Archie is a connector of hearts. He's a deeply in tune and compassionate creature..

Archie is a connector of hearts. He's a deeply in tune and compassionate creature who showed up at my Dad's door one cosmic summer day. After their furry flurry of energetic introductions, he led this pup of a Pit (who would later lovingly be referred to as The NutBall) back across the street. My Dad was heartbroken to learn that Archie's human had moved to Australia. In that instant fate was sealed. Together, Bert and Sir Archie Spear walked HOME. 
Looking back, It brings me sweet tears thinking how beautiful their connection was. Both, adventurous beings who drool (that's for another story), seek love, acceptance, nature, connection, and a few bites of steak once in a while. There was mutual gratitude for the youthful energy and renewed sense of hope at 1928 Ninth Street. It would be a union that would change us all.
On December 19, 2017 (two years later) My Dad suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. He was found unconscious in his living room after an uncertain amount of time. His friend Anita, who I truly believe to be an earthly angel, found him. She said Sir Archie never left Bert's side. As she knelt over my Dad and called 911, Archie walked behind her and laid his head over her shoulder looking down at my Dad --eyes and heart locked into his favorite human. It’s a beautiful example of how he shows up in this world with his big warm heart and knows exactly what to do. During that nightmare moment, he was able to bring some calm and comfort to the situation as he waited for The KING NutBall to wake UP and put his leg on. 
Unfortunately, he never woke up. He died 6 hours later in the hospital right as I was boarding my plane. It was the longest flight of my life. I beelined straight to his house, closed the door behind me, and felt swallowed whole by an abyss of grief. Archie crawled into my lap pressing his heart into my chest and his neck over my shoulder. He fully consoled me, calmly nuzzling himself closer and closer to my heart until I was able to literally breathe again. Never ever have I had that kind of experience with a pet. I've had many dogs in my lifetime, every one of them were beloved companions (well, except for Pudge but that's also for another story) but something is very unique about Archie.
Today, Archie shares two homes, and the hearts of many, many more. He’s living part-time with my Sister From Another Mister, Cindy and her family, and part-time with our family and any number of a cast of characters who come and go. Archie’s sensitive, calm, playful presence mends hearts daily (just ask his families), and expands the hearts of all those he comes in contact with.
-Story by Lisa Spear, Archie's Mom

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